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2016 Apple Butter Fundraiser

In October 2016, Troop 671 held its first ever fundraising event.  Hosted by Hartland Farm, the scouts of Troop 671, with the assistance of their leaders, parents and families, made 4 kettles of old-fashioned AppleButter.  On Friday evening, the group began peeling and preparing 70+ bushels of apples.  Around 9pm, the fires were started.  Apple cider was brought to a simmer.  Then the first batch of apples were added to the 2 hand-made copper kettles.  At this point, the stirring began, continued through the night with more apples added as needed, and did not stop until the full batches were finished - 12 hours later!!!  After adding 150 pound of sugar and just the right amount of pure cinnamon and clove extract, the canning began.  For 90 minutes the group canned 750 pint jars, approximately 94 gallons of fresh applebutter.  Yum!

But we were not done yet!

After some cleanup and and a short breather, the process started again!  This round ended around 2am on Sunday morning.  The total yield was 1,500 pints of delicious apple butter.  Visitors to Hartland Farm this year had a surprise available for their purchase, and they were very excited about it.  Over the next 2 months all 188 gallons, 1,500 jars of apple butter were sold by the scouts to friends and families, door-to-door and at community craft fairs.

We want to thank Hartland Farm in Markham, VA for their generous hospitality.  It would not have been as fun and successful had it not been for their warm welcome and support.  We also thank the Nokesville and Bristow communities for their interest in the product and purchases for their friends and family.  From the response we've received, be hope this will become an annual event.